a king his tailor

Take a journey with us to ancient Persia & learn of a timeless tale; rich in history & filled with passion & heritage. This is no fairytale. This is not fiction. This, our dear friends, is much better. Why? This is our story. The story of Bijan.

Now, close your eyes and envision a world vibrant with color. Every breath taken sweeter than the last. The aromas of fresh herbs & spices fill the air and the melodic harmonies from court musicians echo through the city streets. Welcome to old world Persia. This was an empire abundant in magnificent architecture, culture, style, and beautiful tradition.

With its growth, the Persian Empire became wealthier and along with it grew a demand for more luxurious fabrics; elaborate in ornamentations, rare dyes and unbelievably intricate hand-painted designs. Gold jewelry was imported from Egypt, exceptional ceramic from Greece, and the finest silks from China. During these olden times, tailors would create breathtakingly beautiful masterpieces worn by the royal & the wealthy. Tailors were truly the artists of these times.

During old-world Persia, there was a King named Bijan. This King, also referred to as a Shah, was widely known for his opulent taste. As royalty often does, King Bijan had many who served below him; including a team of brilliant tailors. These tailors were responsible for creating the King’s vast and remarkable wardrobe. Out of all the clothing makers & tailors, there was one man who changed everything. As fate will have it, this tailor’s name was also Bijan.

This extremely talented tailor specialized in intricate designs and techniques, yet never did he seek recognition. He was passionate about his craft and honored to serve his King in silence. He did not need praise to do what he loved.

However, one day, Bijan created a beautiful custom jacket for his King to wear. So pleased with this garment, the King summoned the tailor who was responsible for creating such an exquisite masterpiece. With such large social gaps, the tailor was afraid to speak in the presence of his majesty. Taken back by how elegant and well-put together the tailor himself was dressed, the King too was left awed & speechless. Silently, Bijan the tailor, stood in front of his King waiting.

After some time, the King spoke to Bijan. He went on to explain his love for beautiful fabrics and pristine clothing. It was the love of fine clothing and fabric, that allowed a King and his tailor to connect on a level unlike anything that had ever happened before in this kingdom. Over time, the King commissioned ONLY Bijan for all of his suiting and garments. Through their love of detail and luxury, the two became very close, although the tailor still spoke rarely. Often, no words were needed at all.

It is no coincidence that “Bijan”, by definition, means hero. The King, a hero to his people. The tailor, a hero to his king. We want all of our customers to have the same power Bijan had…to be able to speak and impact others without ever saying a word.